bswish bwarm Massage Candle Review

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store, an online store which carries adult toys and lingerie, was nice enough to send me the bswish bwarm amber scented massage candle. I was very excited to get this. First of all, amber is my favorite scent. You can smell the amber before you even open the box. Amber is just such a sexy scent. in my opinion. The massage candle comes inside of a soft plastic cup with one side much larger than the other so that you can pour the wax out easily. The wax is made out of a mixture of coconut oil/wax, soy oil/wax, shea butter, palm wax, beeswax, jojoba oil, aloe vera, and vitamin e oil so it's good for your skin. According to the box the candle will burn for 10 hours, but you do not need to let the whole candle melt for one massage. You need to light the candle and let the wax burn into liquid before you start your massage. I let it burn for about thirty minutes and had plenty of melted wax for one wonderful back massage.  I was scared that the melted wax was going to be too hot but it was just hot enough and it felt so good on my skin. I was also worried that the wax might leave my skin oily feeling but it massaged right into my skin like silky lotion. I definitely recommend this candle to any one that likes to give and receive massages. If you would like to try this out after reading this review just click the link and check out They carry a lot of different sex toys and vibrators and also beautiful lingerie to keep your relationship fun and interesting.


Theta Mom said...

Stopping by, found you from Tami's blog. I will follow your blog if you follow mine as well. ;)

Sheila Rae said...

Oh, I love candles and massages. I want to try one :)

Thanks for the review :)