Blog Diretory List for Women and/or Mommy Bloggers

I've been working a lot to get a high ranking for my blog lately and to get a lot of meaningful back links. If your back links come from sites that aren't related to your site or sites with a lower blog rank than yours it isn't very helpful. You need good established sites with high rankings to have a link to you.

 I put together this list of great directories to list your site on to help you get more exposure and also to boost up your page rank. All of these directories were up and running fine when I used them over the past few days so you shouldn't have any problems.

 These are all free to submit to although a few of them have an option to pay for a better listing. I did not try any of the paying options so I'm not sure how well they work. I know that there are millions of search engines to submit to but these are almost all directed towards family, parenting and women so all of your blogs will fit in nicely. It may take awhile for you to join all of them but I think it's worth the time.



G-Zell said...

Thank you amanda , you are always so helpful!

Anonymous said...

That is super helpful! Very thorough!! :)

Niks La Mode. said...

This is soooo helpful ! Bless u!