About Me

Hello to everyone and thank you for reading my blog and taking an interest in what I have to say. If you would like to contact me, send a message to info.mandablogsabout@gmail.com. If you would like to submit a product for review please send that information to reviews.mandablogsabout@gmail.com.  If you're just looking to learn a little more about me, just read on!

I'm 'Manda and I am a work at home mom from NC. I love to try new stuff and I'm extremely opinionated. I have an awesomely smart, gifted, talented, creative, passionate little boy,(Chase or Mr. Chase Face), an amazingly skilled, understanding and tolerating husband,(Grant or Granter)

I love, love, love trying new products. Everyone comes to me for advice and to ask my opinion on pretty much everything because they know I like to buy new things all the time. I'm very curious so I just have to try new products whenever I have a chance. Since I enjoy writing so much I think that it was meant-to-be for me to be a product reviewer. I've been writing reviews online for seven years. My little side kick Mr. Chase Face has picked up on my habits and likes to help me try new things and he even has guest post on my blog reviewing things that he helped me try out.

Along with product reviews I enjoy writing tips, facts, stories and articles about my life, health, beauty, parenting, HTML, blogging, crafts, DIY, freelance writing, mental health and whatever else might pop into my head.

I do a little bit of this and that and take some classes online on any given subject then move on to something new and read three or four books on the new subject then I go back to something I was thinking about researching last week or even two years ago. I love to read and research things that I am interested in so I have knowledge of many different subjects. I read EVERYTHING, I probably have fifty magazine subscriptions, and I'm also an artist and a writer and I love to create things, anything from a custom hardwood flooring design, (I spent many years doing hardwood flooring for my parents company), to a jewelry box, table or maybe a new chore chart for Chase, (you should see the first one I made out of Brazilian Cherry wood)!

I really enjoy art, making things and writing, especially with my creative little boy assisting me. I have a thing for music, all music is great but I really like rap and classical, super especially when the two are mixed together, I LOVE IT! I played the viola for a few years and I TRIED to teach myself how to play the drums last year but it didn't work out fast enough for my husband and he just couldn't bare it any longer. I even made a song just for him but I came home one day and the drums were gone! I can still jam out on Rock Band though.

I'm addicted to shopping. I have a need to try new things constantly. Toothpaste, food, video games, gadgets, jewelry, electronics, toys and everything else. I just have to try everything and buy new stuff all the time. This is how I got into product testing, internet shopping and coupon clipping. My husband just can't seem to understand why I need to have five different brands of laundry detergent, three vegetable peelers, six different tubes of toothpaste and two different kinds of vitamin B capsules - I just need to see what the difference is and decide which one is better and I probably got a free sample that came with a free coupon for two of them and $2.00 off the other three.

I decided to start this blog so that I can write and share my opinions and experience with other mommy bloggers, momprenuers and anyone else who might be interested. I also want to continue to review products and be able to reach a larger audience. I'm also hosting giveaways and contest for any one that visits my site. It just kind of took off and there are a lot of people that like it so now I consider it my job and I put all of my spare time, which is usually all day when Chase is in school, into working on it.

I love being a WAHM and being able to set my own hours and do things my way.

Thank you very much for reading about me and checking out 'Manda Blogs About....