Giveaway Disclaimer

Each giveaway listed on 'Manda Blogs About... will end at 11:59PM eastern time on the day listed as the end date for that giveaway. I choose all the winners using the service. One person can not win the same giveaway more than one time in a single listing. If the same person comes up as a winner more than once in the same giveaway a new winner will be choosen in their place. Each person can win multiple contest on 'Manda Blogs About... .

I will email all winners with in three days of the end of the giveaway. If the chosen winner does not respond with in two days of the winning email being sent I will chooe an alternate winner.

If you do not complete the first, mandatory entry that is posted for each individual giveaway 'Manda Blogs About... reserves the right to delete all of the entries that you submit for that giveaway. You can re-enter according to the guidelines set forth here. You are required to leave a seperate comment for each entry in the giveaway. If bonus entries are listed you must leave a seperate comment for each bonus entry also, for example, if you receive five bonus entries for placing my button on your blog you would be required to leave five different comments stateing that you placed my button on your blog with each comment numbered 1-5. If you leave a single comment stateing more than one entry it will be deleted and you will be required to leave the appropriate individual comments in order to be entered.

Unless other wise stated in an individual giveaway listing all prizes are shipped directly from the sponsor of the giveaway. I can not guarantee the delivery of any prizes unless it is stated that 'Manda Blogs About... will be shipping the prize. The chosen winner will be required to send me their name and address in order to receive the prize from the giveaway. 'Manda Blogs About... will never share your personal information with any one other than the appropriate sponsor and can not be held responsible for what that sponsor may do with the information.