Daily Twitter Meme's

Everybody knows about #followfriday and #FF on Twitter. You see the Tweets all day long, so I was thinking, why does everybody leave out the rest of the week? Monday's not my favorite but Wednesday is such a sweet reminder that Friday is just around the corner. I think it's time we stop ignoring all the other days of the week and show some Twitter love EVERY day. I did some looking around and found these some what forgotten Twitter meme's - at least one for every single day of the week.


#musicmonday - write song lyrics, link to videos or band sites

#followmonday - just like #FF, tweet out the names of tweeple you think others should follow


#followtuesday - same as #FF

#twittertuesday - same as #FF


#wonderfulwednesday - best wishes for the middle of the week

#followwednesday - like #FF

#healthyhumpday - like #FF, but only health related Twitterers

#wisdomwed - share wisdom and useful advice

#women2follow - recommend women that you think should be followed on Twitter


#rtthursday - retweet and thank other retweeters

#followthursday - like #FF

#thankfulthursday - tweet about what you are thankful for


#FF - follow friday

#followfriday - the ever-so-popular follow friday, tweet out tweeple you think others should follow too


#sexysaturday - sexy tweets


#wkendthx - thank all of your friday followers and any other mentions you had through out the week

#sinnersunday - what are you doing instead of going to church?


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