Four Steps to More Blog Traffic and Increased Sales

If you own an online store you  probably already know that a blog is a very important source to promote your product or service. They are easy to install, administer and update, plus, search engines love them. Really though, what  good is a blog without traffic? It doesn't matter how amazing your blog is if no one is reading it. Here are five quick ways to boost traffic to your blog and hopefully start seeing those big sales for your business.

1.Build a list of blog services to ping every time you post new content.

There are a lot of different services and sites that you can use to ping your blog. If you didn't know, pinging means that you notify the service that you've updated your blog with new content. These services then list your new posts and you get the traffic from them. The more services that you use the better chance you will have of receiving the traffic that you are looking for. I've made a list of blog pinging services you can copy by clicking the link. That should be enough to give a nice boost to your traffic if you keep your site updated frequently.

2.Update your content regulary!

Both search engines and blog  ping services love, love, love regular updates! It's very likely that you will get targeted traffic from search engines if you update your blog regularly. You should try to make a new post to your blog at least once per day if possible. Be careful though because too many updates per day, say eight or more, can harm your search engine position and hits from traffic.

3.Post in forums

Post in forums, but do not spam them! Post something useful and interesting with a link to your blog in your signature. Don't just post  your messages in any forum, if you're selling cds, post in forums that are about music. Don't post in pet forums if you're selling beauty products. That will definetely get you tagged as a spammer and you don't want that. By posting your messages with a link in your signature in forums you will get one-way links back to your site. These are good for search engine position on sites like google, msn and yahoo.

4.Submit to blog search engines

There are tons of search engines available that list only blogs. Just google search  "blog search engines“ and you will find a nice lengthy list of them. These blog search engines will help you to receive targeted traffic. Be sure to write a  very good title and description for your blog when you submit your information to the site so that people will easily find it and want to click on your link.

Follow these four simple steps and you will begin to see an increase in traffic to your blog. Soon those long awaited sales will start coming in and adding up. Don't forget to update your blog with fresh, unused content that you write yourself everyday to acheive the best results.



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