Goliath Games Rolit Jr. Review and Giveaway (BONUS Review by Chase)

Recently I received a game called Rolit Junior from the very nice people at Goliath Games for Mr. Chase Face and myself to review. In exchange for this review I was given the game for free. I have to say that I LOVED this game and so did Chase. I can't tell you how many times we have played the game in the few weeks that we have had it. In our family we play a lot of board games on the weekend and through out the week to spend time together and this game fit perfectly into our collection.

To play the game you chose one of the four different colored animals that are featured on each side of the "balls" and then you take turns placing one piece at a time on the board in your color and trying to "trap" the other persons piece so that you can flip it over and turn it into your color/animal. You play untill all of the "balls" are on the board. Whoever has the most of their color/animal showing on the board wins.

It was not very complicated, although we were playing it completely wrong for the first few days. It didn't get boring so I didn't mind playing it even though we got the junior version. We had a great time playing it over and over again!

Now, for the first time ever, I'm very proud to present to you a BONUS review! That's right peoples, an amazing two-for-one review, featuring the one-and-only Mr. Chase Face, (my 8 year old son)! This is totally unedited or influenced by me, soooooooooooooooooooo, here goes:

Yup you know who it is, Chase. The animals and colors is crocodile green,monkey red,lion yellow and last but not least elephant grey. The boerd is green and looks like a forest it's very cool. We played a long time over and over and over again. I realy wish they had a orange tiger.My cat kept laying on the bored. It was a very cool game. Four people can play. I was scared we couldent play it at first cause i thought that all the instructions were spanish but we finaly found english. My dad thought it looked like a bad game so he never tri'ed but it was an awsome game. My favorite color was green which is the crocodile.I think my cat wants to learn how to play cause my cat kept meow'ing. You guy's should realy buy stuff from there company it's a great company. It realy made you think cause you had to look every where on the bored. I kept messing up and getting the wrong animals. The balls had an animal on all four sides. It takes a little while to play the game. We got the jr.rolit but there was a huge rolit for $199.99. there is three more different games of rollit theres rolit junior whicht is the one me and my mom are reveiwing' there is rolit original then rolit travle and theres a huge rolite too it's like the size of a cofee table and the balls are huge. We got ours for free. Goliath games has a bunch of great games. you can buy them online but we dont know yet if they sale them in stores but im sure my mom will say something if she findes out. i would like to dedicate to all the bloggers. I  recomend this to any big bored game fans and to any one who likes puzzle and skill. Im very glad to write for all you bloggers. It's an honor to write for all you bloggers. Hope you enjoyed the write'ing. My mom is the greaetest though. bye.

There you have it, two reviews in one click! I hope you guys enjoyed it because there will definetly be more guest reviews and post from Mr. Chase Face, my partner, helper and assistant in almost everything that I do.

Now, on to the giveaway. I have one Rolit Junior game to giveaway. To enter, simply go to and check out the games then come back here and leave me a comment telling me which game you would love to play. This is your first, mandatory entry. You can do any or everything on the list below to earn additional entries.

This giveaway is open to the US only and ends on Dec.7, 2009.

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