What Scent Defines you Contest

Downy and TwitterMoms want to know, "If you could define yourself with a scent, what scent would represent you and why?"

My scent would definetly be Amber & Jasmin. The jasmin is sweet, feminine and flirty while the amber is bold and sexy without being "girly". When you mix the two scents together you get an amazing scent that is perfect for a woman thats sexy, fun and intriguing without having to wear stilettos and a skin tight dress to get your attention.
If you want to participate too, write a post on your own blog answering this question: "If you could define yourself with a scent, what scent would represent you and why?" To enter the Sweepstakes, [we ask that you]:

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prerna said...

Hmm Amber and Jasmin.. That mst be heavenly.. Gotta think about what scent defines me:-0

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