Where to Find Products for Review, Part Two

Here is the second part of my post on where to find products for review. I like a lot of these sources in this part better than some of the others. There's no way that you won't be able to find something to review if you check out all of the sites listed here. Some of the sites that I listed in part one didn't require you to have a blog but each of the sites listed here are strictly for bloggers.
  • The Product Review Place - This is an awesome site. It has a Pitches from PR group where you can find listings of products up for review. There is also a Pitches to PR group where you can pitch your blog and your review skills for PR reps.
  • Blog Friendly PR - I think that this is definetly one of my favorite sites. This is were I got my first product for review when I started my blog. They have listings for review campaigns, Blog Friendly Companies, Blog Friendly PR Firms, Feature Companies and Firms. There are a lot of opportunities here, BUT, you're gonna have to pitch the companies and firms yourself. They are not offering listings of actual products - just the companies that use bloggers. I've gotten tons and tons of products for review by pitching to companies like this so don't worry - the worst they can do is say no.
  • Diaper Swappers Forum - Product Testing - This is actually a cloth diaper community but they have a place in their forums for WAHM and Product Testing for the items that the moms make and sale.
  • The WB Word of Mouth Campaign - This site is actually more about reviewing TV shows from the WB Network and sharing information on your blog. They pay you $50 for each campaign you complete and sometimes offer giveaways for your readers too.
  • Perricon M.D. Product Testing - For this one, you just have to leave a comment on one of their blog post to be entered to join the blog sampling program.
  • SkinMD Blogger Sampling Program - This is simple, just fill out the form with your information about yourself and your blog and they will send you a bottle to review. I love this lotion and have been using it every day since I received it.
  • PR Newswire - You have to send them an email and ask about free media services. This will put you in contact with companies, reps. and lots of products for review.
  • Mommy Too Reviewers - This is a product review program that is just looking for moms to join to review products from companies who specifically want to reach influential and savvy black mom bloggers.


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I've been meaning to tell you (because of the 1st section of the review post) YOU ROCK!!

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I also noticed your side bar articles on Blog helps- Thx so much!