Blue Berry Muffin Pop Tart Review

I joined the Pop Tarts Sprinklings Club for Moms a few months ago and I received my first package from them over the weekend. If you're not already a member Click here to Join.

They sent me a package of two pop tarts in the new blueberry muffin flavor along with two fun paper activities for kids. I am a fan of pop tarts, which is why I joined, but I always buy cherry and strawberry. I wasn't sure about the blueberry muffin flavor but it was delicious. It actually tasted like blueberry muffin. My son, who is eight years old, thought that it was awesome. He is usually a fan of the chocolate and cinnamin flavors but he really enjoyed these. He shares his fathers love of blueberry muffins and the pop tart's blueberry muffin flavor past the taste test for him. He thought the little activity card they sent was pretty cool too.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the poptarts, I love the strawberry ones and my sone likes the cinnamon. Followed you here from MBC. Please visit me at

A Frugal Friend said...

Great......glad to hear someone got a package. I was wondering what the perks were since I had signed up. THanks for the great info....I sure hope I get a pkg. :-)

Amandasaurus said...

I think the fact that it didn't look or feel like a blueberry muffin while still tasting like one would throw me off.... but it sounds delicious! Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you'll stop by again!