WOW! My Second Award

I have to give a HUGE thank you to Holly at Write Expression for passing the, "Over the Top" Blog award on to me. Thank you so much Holly!! She has a great blog that everyone should go check out and leave her lots and lots of comments too. :)

So Here are the Rules for this Award:

USE ONLY ONE WORD TO ANSWER EACH QUESTION! It’s not as easy as you may think. Copy and change the answers to suit you and then pass the award on to a well-deserving blogger.

All righty, deep breath in. Let it out. Okay…bring it!

1. Where is your cell phone? counter

2. Your hair? long

3. Your mother? mama

4. Your father? daddy

5. Your favorite food? chicken

6. Your dream last night? scary

7. Your favorite drink? soda

8. Your dream/goal? Novel

9. What room are you in? kitchen

10. Your hobby? creativity

Now, who should I pass this award on to? When I got the other award a few days ago I seriously took two days to pick out just the right people. I had to pass it on to 15 people and it was soooooooooooooooooo hard for me to make up my mind and find the blogs that I though deserved it, there are so many great blogs that I follow so it was just way more stressfull than it should have been to pick out just 15 - I took the task at hand very seriously. :) I've been thinking about who to give this one to all day and here it is almost two o'clock in the morning and I've just made up my mind not too long ago. (If you have seen my other blog, Bipolar Cocktail, you should understand completely because you know I'm KRaZy!) Okay, so then, now onto the new recipient of the, "Over the Top" blog award. I'm going to send this award to my new found friend Sparky from 20 Something Bloggers. I just found out about her blog today and I really just liked it from the begining. She seems to keep it real and I like that so her blog made it onto my favorites list very quickly. Her post are interesting so you should definitely check out her blog,  Just Get On with it Already! Congratulations Sparky, you have now officially been given an award that you can proudly display on your blog, or not, it's up to you.


Sparky said...

Thank you!! :) my first award :D

Audra, Green Meadow Lane said...

I absolutely love your blog! You can easily see that you put your heart and soul into it. I'll be back! :-)

The Thrifty Divas said...

Hi, Manda! Congratulations on your awards! That's awesome and you deserve it. Your blog is great and I love how your honesty and personality comes out in the stuff you write about!

I am following you! Oh, and it looks like we travel in the same social media paths! LOL, I run into you on MBC and Role Mommy all the time.

Jen said...

Go Manda, Go're on a roll Honey :O)

Knock'em out!

Tanya said...

Well Hun get ready for another one because I just chose you for this award on my blog as well!:0)
Come accept it here:

Amy said...