How Do You Sneak Fruits and Veggies into Your Kids Food?

Chase (my 8 year old little boy) is actually a very good eater. I've had him eating fruits and vegetables since he was just a baby because I love fruits and vegetable. If someone told me I have to be a vegetarian right now, I wouldn't care. There are some vegetables that I have to sneak in some times like squash and zuchhini. I chop them up very fine and mix them into spaghetti sauce and soups. When I make fruit salad I chop the pears up finer than the rest of the fruit to get him to eat them because he doesn't like the way that they feel. Horizon Little Blends has a new yogurt that includes fruits AND veggies so you can sneak the veggies in on your little ones. You can check it out here at,  http://www.littleblends.com/. Horizon Natural and TwitterMoms is also hosting a contest about how you sneak veggies and fruits into your kids diet with a thermos, coupons and a second prize pack to giveaway on your blog for the prize. For rules and how to enter, click here.


Anonymous said...

My daughter just bought these too and my lil granddaughter loves them!!! Thumbs up for sneaky mamas, lol!!!

HerMedia said...

Oh I wish we had these in Canada :) Two of my children will eat anything - one of them not so much

Amy said...

I don't think sneaking these foods into your kids diets is a good idea. It has always been important for my daughter to eat her fruits and veggies and they are always available to her. I think it is important to always offer them and have them in your kids sights.