How to Make a Custom Cursor for Your Blog

A custom cursor is a nice little added touch to your website. You can use a flower, cat, hippo, letter - whatever matches your site. If you don't want to go quiet so custom as to turn your cursor into an animal or a car you can always just change the color or the size of the arrow that people will use when visiting your site. This is another easy little html change to personalize and customize your blog so you can stand out among others. Below you will find the style sheet that you need to change your cursor.


You will need to add this style sheet to the head section near the top of your html file for your blog.

See where it says "my cursor.cur" that is where you will need to put the url of your new cursor. A cursor needs to be saved as a .cur or .ani file so you will need to save it online somewhere. Again, I used just like I did when I saved my favicon. If you did not read, "How to make a favicon," Click it now and read how to set up an account so that you can save your new cursor image.

You can download a free icon maker from or Just look in the Windows->Cursor directory using File Explorer on your computer for a collection of premade cursors. The easiest thing to do is go to and download a cursor or you can always do a google search and find tons of them.

Once you have your cursor picked out and saved online you will need to right click and "copy shortcut" when you put your cursor over the file for the new cursor because you can't open it since it's a cursor file.

I think that makes since. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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