One Fandango Movie Ticket Code to Giveaway - Ends Friday, Oct. 2

Okay, see I won this Fandango movie ticket but I'm not a big movie theatre person. I freak out, some times I have panic attacks (it's terrible) and other times you would think I was 7 years old with the way I can't sit still and asking , "How long is this movie?" and "How long have we been here?" or do we really havvvvvvvvvve to see the ending?"  I have around about a five minute attention span when it comes to movies - ANYWAY, I won this Fandango code that I will never get around to using. It expires on October 31, 2009 so I figure I need to go ahead and give it away so that who ever wins it will have plenty of time to use it. I'm starting the giveaway now and you can enter as usual with the comments and all the other stuff that I'll list right here:

In order to enter this giveaway simply leave a comment under this post. You must leave a comment as your first entry. Please  include your email address in the comment. In order to gain additional entries you can do any or all of the following for one additional entry into the giveaway for each one you complete:

  • follow through Google
  • follow through Networked Blogs
  • subscribe by email and confirm your subscription
  • favorite my blog on Technorati
  • add my link to your blogroll
  • grab my button
  • follow me on Twitter
  • add me on Facebook
  • write a quick review of this site on your own site (this will give you five additional entries instead of just one)
  • friend me on digg, I'm mandzp81
  • add me as a friend on Reddit, I'm mandzp81
This contest will end on this Friday, October 2.


Haasiegirl said...

this is so nice of you! I havent been to the movies in like 3 months!


Beeb said...

Very cool giveaway, sorry that you aren't able to enjoy this yourself. But thank you for the chance!

supercoupongirl AT