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I made this giant list/directory of directories for blogs. Everyone with a blog should submit it to as many directories as possible. I have almost finished the list myself and my backlinks have greatly increased and my page rank went up too, but nobody really knows how that works so I don't know if that matters or not.

If you don't have an RSS feed for your blog, try and set one up then submit your blog to all of these RSS search engine directories.

RSS Search engine Submissions

Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog To - Click on blogger network at the top, then add your blog  in the tabs on the next page. You need to go to your control panel and add your rss feed. fashion and beauty site, email your link, maybe banner too This is a huge directory that you definetly want your blog in. Make sure it's in the right category or you will be rejected. - just like top mom blogs two levels to upgrade to for $5 a year or $10 for a month This is not what it sounds like from that title. I promise, no porn, just a really badly though out name. Click on the tab that says girl wide web then click submit blog in left sidebar Another one of the top sites you want your blog in.  super quick and easy

The Mommy Bunch -  - for mom bloggers  There's also a free twitter directory you can submit to.  - register and you can add your blog to your info.  - blog directory for shopping/review sites  for WAHM moms but they will accept blogs from all mom's, you can list your blog in three categories for free  blog directory for christian stay-at-home moms  a site to submit adult blogs  - this is for submitting directories, so if you have one on your site go ahead and submit  free listing or $4 for a featured one year listing  upgrade to a paid subscription to list deep links, $9 sponsored for a year, $5 premium for a year  suggest a site for free / super quick and easy, just use your rss to ping them  upgrade to no reciprocal for $7.95 or featured for $12.95

Pay to Submit Blog Directories $5.00 for lifetime listing or featured listing for $30 for 3 months and $55 for 6 months  $15 one time payment or $45 for 4 months featured with four other blogs at the top of your category and on the Delightfulblogs homepage  $1.99 regular link, $12.99 w/ 3 extra link submissions, $39.99 yearly with 5 extra link submissions  $39.99 one time or $54.99 annually for featured link  $49.95 for one year or $149.95 for a permanent listing

Top 100 List to Submit To- These are list that people started that you can submit your blog too and then as people click the link on your site it counts as a and  vote for yout site you'll move higher up on the list.  - has around 20 list to submit too in this category

Websites with Directories to Submit To  - Online magazine, submit is in the left sidebar under "Citizen Journalism" join Wikizines to submit your blog post to or just use what they suggest, great site, ping your blog to import post, they advertise you blog post for you in the zines - you have to email your info.  you can pay to upgrade to a premium listing or add a button to the site for $15 a year

Blogging Communities

Blogged -  blogging community, here is my profile if you want to follow me and I'll follow you back  also has paid listings starting at $8 or $60 a month by sponsoring a category on their site  free listing or featured listing for $49.99  - search for MandaBlogsAbout and we can follow eachother  search for manda if you want to be friends  sites not working so well, takes a while, have to claim blog with code

Search Engines


Google Blog Search

Yahoo Directory  - submit site is in small print on the top of tthe right side of the page


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