Sites to Submit Your Giveaways To

If you host giveaways on your site you know how important it is to have lots of entries. Some times you have a giveaway that you need to tell people about instead of hoping they will find it on their own. There are a lot of places to submit your giveaway and contest too other than the networks that you may be a member of. Blogger communities like mombloggers and are a great place to start but once you go through your networks try posting your giveaways to the sites below and see how many more entries you'll find for all of your contest. The first section of links is for contest/giveaway/sweepstakes sites that you can submit your giveaways to. The second section of links are all other blogs that you can submit your giveaways too. Take some time to go through the list and find the sites that you like or you can just start at the top or the bottom and work your way through the many sites listed below.

Sweepstakes/Giveaway/Contest Sites located in link bar across bottom of the header click on add a sweeps at the bottom of the page add a sweeps is in the left side bar submit a sweeps is on the left sidebar near the top submit listing is located in the link bar across the bottom of the header

Blogs to Submit Your Giveaways To - Giveaway Round Up Tuesdays - can't miss submit - click on submit a giveaway across the top link bar click "blog giveaways" in the top link bar Linky is located half way down the page on the left submit a giveaway-giveaway is located in the link bar across the bottom of the header - submit on Link 'em Up Thursdays you can't miss it at the top of the page submit on Link and win Mondays submit located across the link bar under the header



AudreyO said...

thanks for the list. So many sites go out of business, I'm always looking for new places to submit my giveaways.

'Manda said...

this is a great list. the list I used a year ago is no longer valid today. Too many sites go under making it necessary to update on a regular basis.