How to Make Money and Monetize Your Blog

I've made a list of ten of the best ideas to monetize your blog and your Twitter Account. Join the sites below and start making some money with your blog and your Twitter.

Make money with your Twitter account using the sources below:

  1. Twitter Advertising Network
  2. Sponsored Tweets

Make Money with Your Blog using these Sources:
  1. Bloggers Review
  2. Advertise Space
  3. Blogvertise
  4. Pay per Post
  5. Blog Ads
  6. Bloggers Review
  7. Sponsored Reviews
  8. Jungle Ad Network
They are all very easy to join althought some of the blog networks have different requirements to join. I think these are the best choices but the choice is yours, so check them all out.



'Manda said...

I am new to bloging and I am learning so much from you. Thanks you! :)

'Manda said...

hey there nice to meet you- new follower here from MBC :)

ModernMom said...

I'm Following you from MBC Simply 50 Club! Nice to meet you:)