Glade Sense and Spray Review

I recently recieved a Glade Sense and Spray for review. I was given the unit plus two refills in exchange for my review. It gives you the freshness you want but only when you need it. If there is no one in the room, why waste your air freshener? It was the first air freshener with a motion sensor. The innovative smart unit automatically detects motion and releases a concentrated burst of fresh fragrance. I received Hawaiian Breeze and Clean Linen. They both smelled great but the Hawaiian Breeze was my favorite. It reminded me ot the beach with the sweet coconut smell. I started with the unit in my kitchen using the Clean Linen scent. It worked very well but there is a lot of traffic in my kitchen and I felt like it was spraying too often. The unit goes into a lock-out mode for 30 minutes after it sprays but it seemed like we were always walking by it. You can customize your fragrance level at any time by pushing the Boost Button for an extra burst, even if your unit is in lock-out mode. This was never neccesary since it sprays every thirty minutes. Refills last for up to 30 days but I switched to the Hawaiian Breeze because I wanted to try them both out. I decided to move the unit to the bathroom. It was the perfect spot. Every time one of us walked into the bathroom it would spray out a big burst of Hawaii and scent the whole room. I placed it on top of a shelf that faced the bathroom door and it even worked every time I walked into the bathroom. I'm only 4'11 so it was way above my head but it still detected me every time. We liked it so much that we went out and bought another one for our guest bathroom. There are six scents available in the refills but I stuck with the Hawaiian Breeze, it is definetly my favorite. The Glade Sense and Spray works great so you should try using one in your bathroom too.


'Manda said...

I so love glade products!

'Manda said...

So do I! :)