Super Healthy Giveaways for the New Year

It's that time of year when everyone is making their resolutions for the new year. Getting healthy is usually on everyones mind. Exercise, eat healthy, remember my vitamins - those are just a few of mine. If you want to get healthy or stay healthy for the new year too I have a great collection of reviews and lots of giveaways I'd like to share with you.

First, I'll start with Metamucil since fiber is very important for our dietary health. I was given a bottle in exchange for this review. I was taking another fiber supplement but I have switched to the Metamucil now that I've had a chance to try it. Did you know that certain types of fiber can actually give you MORE benefits than others? Metamucil contains psyllium fiber which helps to reduce the risk of heart disease because it helps lower cholesteral. Most other fiber supplements can't do that because they don't contain psyllium.

All you have to do is dissolve the recomended dosage in a glass of water and you're done. It has a very smooth texture so it dissolves easily without leaving big clumps of powder. The Metamucil I tried tasted like oranges. It wasn't orange juice (obviously) but it did taste like oranges and I had no problem with the flavor so I was able to drink the whole glass without making crazy faces like I do with other supplements and medicine. You can take Metamucil for occasional constapation and to stay regular.

Next, you have to keep your skin healthy too, so why not try Vaseline Sheer Infusion lotion with Stratys-3? It's the only body lotion to infuse and suspend moisture at all layers of your skin. I was given the chance to try out all try varieties in the Sheer Infusion line. I really liked the way all three of them smelled and they also made my skin very soft. You can try Mineral Renewal, Botanical Blend or Vitamin Burst. I've been using the Vitamin Burst the most lately and I can see a huge difference in my arms and legs. You can learn more about Sheer Infusion by visiting .

Now, if you do happen to end up sick and you get a cold sore you can use Cold Sores Begone to take care of it. Cold Sores Begone is made of all natural ingredients, including lemon grass. It is so safe that you can use it on a toddler although, it's strong enough for adults to use it. You should begin using it as soon as you feel the cold sore coming on. ColdSore Begone actually makes the cold sore go away faster and it heals the blister on your list. It is one of the best sellers for cold sores in the natural health market.
I also recieved a sample of Cold Sores Begone along with the Cold Sores Begone. It too is all natural and safe for toddlers but still strong enough to work for adults. Mr. Chase Face and Grant both ended up with canker sores so I (once again) used them as my little Giuenie Pigs to try it out for me. They had no problems with the flavor. Grants was gone within two days and Chase took three days! That's it, it was completely gone and they were both very happy with the Canker Sores begone. I didn't mind letting Chase use it since it was all natural and made with healing, anti-viral herbs. We will definetly be buying another bottle when this one runs out.

What are you going to do if you catch a cold? You want to get rid of it fast - right? I was given two boxes of Zicam, one for colds and one for colds with a sore throat. Zicam is what you want to take because it works very fast. Grant came home one day not feeling very well. He was complaining that he was getting a cold so I gave him the Zicam Cold Remedy They are called Zavors and have a crunchy shell with a chewy, soft inside. After two days he was feeling great and back to normal. The flavor wasn't bad and you don't have swallow any pills or nasty cough syrup. They are just little lozenges, it's like a cough drop that actually works to make you feel better and get rid of the cold you have. You should take it as soon as you start to feel like you're getting sick. About a week later I thought that I was getting a cold and I had a sore throat. I started taking the Zicam Cold Remedy Plus which has the extra ingredients for a sore throat.These are a hard lozenge with a soothing liquid center. I was feeling totally better in about four days. We tried the cherry flavor for both Zicam products and the flavor was not nasty, or mediciney at all.
There you go, you can use all of these products through out the year to stay super healthy so enter those giveaways! I did this giveaway post a little different this time, I guess I'll just call it an experiment. If you hate it, let me know in a comment or if you like it, let me know.

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