Free Twitter Icons to Download

I hate to have the exact same icons and buttons that every other blogger has. I spend a lot of time looking for new pictures and images for my blog - I'm even working on drawing some of my own. Untill I get finished with my own icons I like to have a large selection af pre-mades. I compiled this list of links that will give you a huge selection of Twitter Icons. Everybody knows what the little blue birdie means so go ahead and spice it up a little with some of these icons that not a lot of other bloggers are using.

You will need to download the set that you like, unzip the compressed file and then you can use the icons on your site. If you forgot, or you never knew in the first place you should read my post on how to make a link so that the you can make the icons send people to your twitter link when they click on the image.





That's all for now, I hope you find some that you can use. I really like these a lot and I don't see these designs that often. Don't forget to read how to make a link if you need help linking the image to your Twitter  page.


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