E.L.F Cosmetics Review

E.L.F cosmetics sent me a nice package full of make up in exchange for my review. I can't belive how inexpensive this stuff is considering how well it works. Most makeup only cost $1.00 with the Studio Line and mineral makeup going up to just $8.00!  I was very lucky to have the chance to try out all three of their different lines of makeup.

I recieved the Shimmering Facial Whip and I absolutely love it! I just gives a light, shimmery color to your face, lips and eyes. I used it as a highlighter on my cheeks. It blended in beautifully and left a nice glow on my skin. I also got the Golden Bronzer from the Studio line of makeup. I honestly threw away my usual bronzer after trying the e.l.f. bronzer. It's amazing! Just like the facial whip, it leaves a really pretty, light shimmer on your skin. It picks up the light and left my face looking amazing with a subtle shimmer. The bronzer has four different colors in the compact and I just mixed them all together on my brush and dusted it all over my face. I love shimmery makeup but I don't want to have glitter all over me unless it's Halloween so this makeup is perfect for me. Another awesome product that I recieved was the Corrective Concealer compact. It has a pink concealer to cover bags under eyes and a green concealer to hide pimples and other red blemishes such as scars. It also has a light and a dark skin colored concealer. I hate the huge bags under my eyes so I was eager to try this to see if I could cover them up. It comes with a tiny concealer brush and it was easy to use. It blended right in without being greasy or heavy feeling on my skin. After I finished covering up and bronzing it was time for some decorating! I received two different eye shadows. One was from the Mineral makeup line. It's a little pot of loose mineral shadow that I really liked a lot. It's a darker color so I used it as a liner and it has that perfect, beautiful shimmer also. The other eyeshadow is a shadow and liner pencil. I wasn't sure at it at first because it's a shade of green but once I put it on it looked amazing with my blue/green eyes. It went on very smoothly and also blended in easily and it wasn't greasy like other shadow pencils that I have tried. After trying all of these products it is very easy for me to reccomend this makeup to anyone. I have been using all of the e.l.f. products that I recieved almost every day now. I replaced some of my usual
makeup with my new e.l.f makeup. I also received a

mineral lipgloss that is my new favorite gloss. I always wear lipgloss so I've tried them all from many different brands so lipgloss is my thing. I was given the color Pageant Princess. It looks very natural and it isn't super sticky like some lip glosses. It actually lasted a pretty long time also which is a huge plus with lipgloss. I think that everyone should try the E.L.F cosmetics. If you don't want to place an order online you can go and buy it at most drug stores and they are saleing it at Target too.


Michelle said...

great post! i recently ordered a bunch of elf stuff. i absolutely love their studio line brushes. i highly recommend the powder blush (the flat top one). they're better than the high end brands. i'm planning to order more soon including the mineral lipgloss. i've been wanting to try that :)

Anonymous said...

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