Yoli TRUTH Blast Cap Review

The Yoli TRUTH blast cap is one of the coolest products that I've had the chance to review. It's a citrus flavored health drink that you can drink four times a day. There's only 10 calories per 20oz. bottle and just 2g of carbohydrates with zero artificial sugars and a low glycemic index. Yoli incorporates wholesome 200% of the RDA of Vitamin C and a proprietary blend of some of the most popular, healthy ingredients including many super fruits, such as: Pomegranate, Alkaplex®, Acai extract, Gogi Berry, Resveratrol, Oxyphyte™ White Tea extract, Probiotics, and Monatau®, The Yoli Blast Caps deliver a healthy alternative to all of the nutrient-deprived, sweetened beverages most people are consuming every day. It has a great citrus flavor that myself and my husband loved and so did my 8 year old son. I havn't even told you what makes this health drink so awesome. The citrus drink mix is contained in the cap on the bottle, it's called a Blast Cap. You have to remove the protective cover from the bottom of the lid, twist it onto the bottle and then you push down on the top of the Blast Cap to "blast" the drink mix into the water. How cool is that? This definetly made the drink very appealing to my little boy, Chase. You blast the mix in and see it fizzing around in the bottle then give it a good shake and you have a delicious and very healthy citrusy drink. Yoli is also helping to save the environment because you save your bottle and simply buy the blast caps. This helps reduce waste by reducing the need for all those plastic bottles that people are using when they buy individual bottles of water and sports drinks.  The Blast Cap will not be available to the public until January 2010. You'll be able to purchase the bottle, the ph alkaplex water & one blast cap for just $3.99! The replacement blast caps will only cost you $2.50!

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