Gutzees "Vault Bag" Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review a product from The Satin Collection from the Gifts for Her items from an amazing site called Gutzees.
Gutzees features beautiful Gifts for Her, a collection for Brides and Bridesmaids and a Home Trends section featuring their Purse Keeper that can also be found at Bed Bath & Beyond.

"Recessionista Gifts for the Fashionistas in your life!
Who says chic can't be cheap? With Gutzees gifts for the home and for travel, these gifts can jazz up anyone's closet - both inside and out - for under $50 on their new ecommerce site at All under $50.00."

From the About Us Page:

Our line consists of an array of fabulous gift and travel products. These products include lingerie bags, jewelry bags, shoe stuffers and eye masks, available in satin or mink. We have recently developed a division called Home Trends which consists of home organizational products such as Faux Croc and Lizard Shoe, Ankle, Accessory and Knee Hi Boot Boxes.

We named the company "Gutzees" in honor of all of life's past experiences. Gutzees represents support and strength not only in one's shoes, but also, on a larger scale of life, it symbolizes "Inner Strength" to meet life's many challenges and overcome them. One needs to be "Gutzee".

The wonderful ladies at Gutzees sent me a beautiful "The Vault Bag" from the Satin Collection in exchange for this review. I was so amazed when I opened the box to find my beautiful satin bag. It's a pretty brown bag with a little gold chain attached to the zipper. When you unzip and lift the top on the bag there is a soft, round top that fits inside the bag to keep all of your items inside the pockets of the bag. When I picked the Vault bag as my review item I didn't realize that there are nine individual pockets all around the inside of the bag to keep your jewelry seperated so that it doesn't get tangled together. I couldn't have picked a better product. This is my new favorite bag whenever I need to pack my things to travel. I think every woman should have a Vault Bag to keep all of her jewelry organized and safe when traveling. Head on over to and check out all of the beautiful gifts they have.

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